External Links

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www.urc.org.uk The United Reformed Church website for the UK.
www.methodist.org.uk The Methodist Church website for the UK.
www.northbedsmethodist.org.uk The website for the new North Bedfordshire Methodist Circuit, with information about all the member churches.
www.fountainbedford.co.uk The Fountain in Bedford is a charity that provides a drop-in centre for young people, and offers help and support. By day it is a coffee shop - drop in for a bite and a drink! We used the HowMAD show "Out on a Limb" to support the Fountain.
www.teenchallenge.org.uk Teen Challenge helps those who are addicted to drink and drugs. They help addicts to find Jesus as part of the process of breaking free from drugs. Teen Challenge grew out of the work of Nicky Cruz, who was converted from New York gang life by Rev. David Wilkerson.
www.nickycruz.org This website tells about the work of Nicky Cruz in helping young people.
www.compassionuk.org Compassion supports children in extreme poverty, providing spiritual, educational and physical help. Individual sponsors choose specific children to support, and follow their progress through exchange of letters. We used the HowMad production "Where Is Love?" to promote their work.
www.prebendcentre.org.uk BeCHaR is the Bedford Concern for the Homeless and Rootless, based at the Prebend Day Centre. Our Harvest Celebration produce is donated to BeCHaR.