Chapter Seven - Working with the Methodists

In June 1963 it was considered family services were well worth starting and these would be led by Rev Howard Starr and take place at 3:00 p.m. on the fourth Sunday of each month. In 1966, overhead heaters were installed for £123 14s 10d. Money from collections in the church went to various world disasters. For example, in the 1960s donations went to Christian Aid projects such as building wells in the Mala District of India. The church received additional furnishings in the 1970s; in February 1973, the Howard Memorial Church received the lectern from the Howard Church in Mill Street when it closed and in March 1978 “Mr Keech had made new tops for three second-hand tables purchased from Cople school” - 30 years ago they were second-hand and are still in use today!

On Sunday 10th July 1977 an open air service was held on The Green in Cardington using electricity from a nearby house and platform borrowed from Cople Primary School. The service was led by Rev Harold Springbett and music was provided by Mrs Ruth Goodship on an electric organ and by The Howard Group. The Howard Group was formed in 1972 consisting of Raymond and Janet Goodship, Joy Skevington who all played the guitar, Colin Skevington on tambourine and Paul (Terry) James. (The Howard Group became known as New Life in 1977 and made their first recording called Drifting). Over the years New Life entertained many people, but disbanded in 2012. The members were Ken Oliver on keyboard, Emma Wantling on saxophone, Raymond Goodship on bass, Paul Browning on guitar, and Janet Oliver, Carolyn Smith and Hannah Johnson.

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